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e-Navigation Marine IoT Marine Big Data Distribution
Onboard Solutions e-Navigator (Digital Chart, ECDIS, CAS, VOS) ISIG Hatteland Display Digital Chart
Onshore Solutions Training Simulator e-A2N* (includes A2N AIS, Weather Info System, and more) FMS Eco-Ship Solution* Marine GIS

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As defined by International Maritime Organization (IMO), e-Navigation is “the Collection, Integration, and Display of Maritime Information aboard and ashore by electronic means to enhance berth-to-berth navigation, Safety at Sea, and the Protection of the Marine Environment.” e-MARINE divides this concept into two main categories: e-Navigator, and Maritime Education & Training Simulator. e-Navigator e-Navigator is e-MARINE’s signature solution. It comprises of our very own ECDIS, Digital Chart, Collision Avoidance System, and Green & Economical Navigation Support System (aka Voyage Optimization System). These products can be sold separately. Maritime Education & Training Simulator Working with ECA Sindel, a leading Simulation Company in Italy, e-MARINE can provide one of the best Training Simulators for the Maritime Industry. We combine ECA Sindel’s Simulator with our very own ECDIS and Digital Charts, and developed Vessel Operating Simulator, Engine Simulator, Anti-submarine Operation Simulator, and Submarine Simulator. Such simulators are sold to various facilities such as Naval Training Facility, Maritime Organization Training Center, and Maritime Universities. Maintenance service is carried out by e-MARINE for an additional fee.

Marine IoT

Internet-of-Things, commonly known as IoT, is one of the key concept of IT Business that is spreading fast all around the globe. IoT, as the name suggests, connects various “things” through a web of connection and thus connects equipment, machineries, people, and goods altogether. e-MARINE has converged Information Communication Technology with maritime industry even further by utilizing IoT technology. The consequence of which resulted as: ISIG (Intra-Ship Integrated Gateway) and e-A2N.

Marine Big Data

IBM’s research division defines major components of Big Data with 4 V’s: Volume (Scale of Data), Variety (Different Forms of Data), Velocity (Analysis of Streaming Data), and Veracity (Uncertainty of Data). We have adopted their vision and applied it to what we call “Marine Big Data”. With Marine Big Data, marine solutions not only detect and communicate, but they also analyze marine data and calculate data validity – the result of which can be used in unique and effective ways. Currently, FMS (Fleet Management System) and Eco-Ship Solution* are the prime example of e-MARINE’s Marine Big Data solutions.


e-MARINE is an exclusive distributor for multiple partners. We only distribute the best solutions that are more than satisfactory for the strict standards of maritime industry – ranging between Digital Charts, Hatteland Display, and Marine GIS. We are also able to integrate them into our own solutions to provide better and fairer priced marine solutions.


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